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Commercial Safes for your Business: What are your Options?

Commercial Safes for your Business: What are your Options?
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You install a safe to keep your assets protected, so it is important to choose one that can perform at its best. You should have one that is built according to standards, or one that suits your company’s requirements. What are the different types of safes and the factors to consider before you buy? Knowing the right type to purchase depend on the danger you want safeguarded.

Generally, there are three types of commercial safe you can choose. Safe installation can be professionally handled by a business locksmith, and they know what is right for you. The three types are the fire-resistant, theft-deterrent and composite safes. As the name implies, fire-resistant safes protect your assets from fire, while theft-deterrent safes guard important items from burglars, while composite safes offer both features.

Reading the Ratings

Commercial Safes for your BusinessSafes are classified based on cash ratings. This is the level of cover an underwriter gives to the safe’s contents and can be multiplied by ten times for jewelleries or similar items. Cash ratings are good indication of a safe’s level of security. The higher it is, the more secure is the safe. There are also different levels of fire protection. Be careful in choosing plate or single walled safe, for this has a very limited fire protection. Always take note of official ratings rather than in-house tests claimed by manufacturers. Independent fire-testing is unbiased. Generally, the higher the rating, the greater the fire protection.

Which Locking Type

There are different locking options for safes, though most safes are built with key lock as a common design. However, this is cheap and unreliable. Most safes today are designed with electronic locks that are operated using a PIN code or biometric. Beware of cheap products that are easy to open. Some products have the option of linking the lock to the alarm system, and even feature audit trails, one-time codes, time delays, multiple users and time windows. In case you forget the PIN, you can always count on a local locksmith for safe opening. It is important to choose highly secure locks because you are installing a safe to protect valuable items.

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